Getting Compensated for Travel Issues

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by Ben Ashauer
September 1, 2013

It seems that some travel troubles are nearly impossible to evade — even after it seems they’re finally over.

In this case, we’re talking about compensation — or lack thereof — on the airline’s end for your travel troubles.

Susan Stellin of The New York Times discusses her own experience with airline-trouble compensation and the policies regarding how they’re handled.

Stellin begins with a story about her plans with her boyfriend to fly from London to Newark this past spring. British Airways sent an e-mail saying the flight had been canceled. However, when she called to rebook, the agent offered a flight two hours earlier, which meant the two of them had to drop everything and sprint to Heathrow.

She was fortunate — the airline sent a check for $757 as compensation for the inconvenience. However, if it was a domestic flight, she says things might have been handled differently.

In the United States airlines aren’t required to compensate passengers on delayed or canceled flights. But Europe’s policies are a little more rider-friendly. The payment that they received was required by the European Union’s passenger rights law, EC 261, which obligates airlines to pay for a hotel room and meals if travelers are stranded because of a cancellation or delay.

Dale Kidd, a spokesman for the European Commission, says Stellin got off lucky. “You’re lucky you got your money,” he said. “Generally, it depends on the airline, but some are better than others at paying claims.”

Kidd says that persistence on the customer’s end is the top way to earn compensation — especially with American flights.

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How can you get compensation when things go wrong during a flight?

As you well know, airline problems stretch beyond waiting in the terminals. There are multiple inconveniences that can occur during your trip, but there are also multiple ways you can get compensated when such troubles arise.

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