Senior Discounts Remain Prominenet

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by Ben Ashauer
August 20, 2013

You’ve made it past age 50 — why not celebrate? Okay, even if you’re not in the “celebrating” mood, you can at least make the most out of it.

Sonya Stinson of Fox Business talks about some of the recent updates regarding senior discounts for the 50-plus crowd.

You may have disregarded some of the discounts promoted in the bittersweet AARP membership invitation that arrived in the mail before your 50th-birthday cards. However, Stinson claims there are dozens of ways to save money — even if they aren’t prominently advertised. Just don’t get too modest about boasting your “chronological credentials.”

David Smidt, president of, advises his website’s readers to be steadfast when searching for such hidden rewards.

“Always ask,” Smidt says. “That’s the No. 1 tip we try to get through.”

Although it’s likely that there’ll be less discounts as the population of boomers and older consumers steadily increases, Smidt says that for the most part, the deals aren’t going to exactly dissipate.

“The one area where we’ve seen pullback is in travel-related sectors,” he says. “That’s largely due to the takeover of online booking for car rentals, airlines and hotels.”

Other categories include household bills, retirement savings, car insurance, transportation, and many more.

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Want to see a comprehensive list of popular stores that offer senior discounts?

Senior discounts are still prominent throughout America — they’re just not quite as easy to find as they used to.

Brad’s Deals says that hundreds of retailers featuring new and improved discounts exclusively for an older-adult crowd.

However, while the above column opened up the options to include 50-year-olds, this list focuses purely on those who are age 60 and above.

Click here to read the list.



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